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HBU on a roll with high standard at the National Artistic Championships 2011

Posted by  on July 31, 2011

National Artistic Roller Skating Championships at Haywards Heath 29th to 31st July 2011

HBU were represented by Mia Appleby in the Youth Solo Dance Championships and Laura Minter in the Senior Solo Dance Championships.

Both Mia and Laura were required to compete in two sections for their respective Championships.  The first section required them to skate two compulsory dances. This enables the judges to make direct comparisons between them and other competitors.
Mia skated the Imperial Tango and Terenzi Waltz and Laura skated the Italian Foxtrot and Iceland Tango.

The second section required both Mia and Laura to skate a 2 1/2 minute free dance program.

The music is chosen by the skater and is interpreted accordingly. Set elements are required – jumps, spins and step sequences.

Mia chose to skate to 3 pieces of music by Usher (Oh my God, Can you help me, DJ got us fallin in love).

Laura chose to skate to 2 pieces of music from Burlesque, the Cher movie with Christina Aquilera. (Welcome to Burlesque and Show me how to Burlesque).

Mia competed on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Laura competed on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
Mia skated in the Youth Solo Dance Championships and after the first day was lying in 3rd place out of 14. A great result after the first section.

The second day of the championships proved to be an even greater success as Mia achieved one place higher finishing in 2nd place overall.

Laura skated in the Senior Solo Dance Championships and after the first day was lying in 7th place out of 14. An excellent result after the first day.
It was a very long wait on Laura’s second day of competing in the championships as she didn’t skate until gone 4pm.
Laura had a good draw skating 7th in her second section. Laura too managed to better her final result to 6th overall.

Club coach Kym Marsh said that “she had so many compliments on behalf of Mia and Laura. How wonderfully they both looked in their costumes, how much they had both improved and most of all how so many people loved to watch them skate.”
In addition to Mia’s 2nd place in her championship she has been

selected to represent Great Britain in the “Cup of Europe Solo Dance Competitions” in France later on this year.

HBU are very proud of their achievements. Well done to both.