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HBU Artistic bring home Silverware from Medway

Posted by  on November 28, 2011


On Sunday 27th November, the artistic section of Herne Bay United
RH&SC took part in The Medway Cups which were held at Medway Park in
Gillingham. They took 10 skaters who come from Whitstable, Herne Bay and Faversham, aged between 10 and 40+ and returned with 3 trophies and 16 medals.

In September, the artistic side was taken over by former HBU members
Emma Rolfe and Melanie Harwin after lifelong member Kym Marsh takes a
well earned break.Both Mel and Emma are so pleased to have HBU back on the podium. The
dancers have worked so hard and deserved the rewards they were given.

Coaches Emma and Mel said ‘We are so pleased with the results. Since
starting at HBU in September everyone has worked so hard. As this was
our first competition, we wanted them to enjoy themselves, have fun
and get their confidence back in skating. We never expected to come
away with so many medals. It was such a good result. We are so very

The artistic team that competed were:
Laura Minter, Mia Appleby, Krystyna Wale, Cathy Wale, Bethany King,
Dominic Dunn, Katie Harris, Katie Northwood, Alisha Wickenden and
Sisie Tyler

The medals won were:
Gold – Mia Appleby – Solo Dance
Gold – Sisie Tyler, Alisha Wickenden & Katie Northwood (HBU Chicks) – Solo Dance Teams
Gold – Katie Harris & Sisie Tyler – Duo Dance

Silver – Sisie Tyler – Solo Dance

Bronze – Katie Northwood – Solo Dance
Bronze – Alisha Wickenden & Katie Northwood – Duo Dance
Bronze – Bethany King, Dominic Dunn & Katie Harris (HBU Kestrels) – Solo Dance Team
Bronze – Krystyna Wale, Laura Minter & Mia Appleby (HBU Eagles) – Solo Dance Team