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Artistic Dancers Competition Success in Strood – 23rd /24th June 2012

Posted by HBU Admin on July 3, 2012

At the Kent Competition we had ten skaters and for one of them, Bella Daly it was her first competition. It was a very eventful weekend. Bella got a 3rd in the Newcomer Free Skating Elements. Well done to her. Out of all the events we got 2 trophies and 11 medals. The judges’ comments about some of the skaters were very complimentary, especially on how much everyone had improved. Bella joined in a Fun Team which consisted of Krystyna, Bethany and Katie Harris. The judges’ marks were 12 5 12 but came 11th.

Full results from the weekend were;

9c – Solo Dance                

Sisie Tyler 4th and Alisha Wickenden 6th

17b – Duo Non Medallist / Elementary             

Katie Northwood/Katie Harris 2nd

1 – Element on Free Skating Newcomers

Bella Daly 3rd

9e – Solo Dance Non Medallist / Elementary

Katie Harris 1st

9b – Solo Dance Non Medallist / Elementary

Katie Northwood 2nd

7b – Solo Dance Newcomers Under 9

Bella Daly 4th

16 – Fun Team

Krystyna Wale, Bethany King, Katie Harris and Bella Daly 11th

10a – Solo Dance up to and inc Bronze

Krystyna Wale 6th

11b – Solo Dance up to and inc Silver

Krystyna Wale 5th and Bethany King 12th

18b – Duo Dance up to and inc Bronze

Krystyna Wale / Bethany King 3rd

17a – Non Medallist / Elementary Duo Dance

Sisie Tyler / Alisha Wickenden 1st

13 – Solo Dance Silver and above

Mia Appleby 4th

10b – Solo Dance up to and inc Bronze

Bethany King 8th

10c – Solo Dance up to and inc Bronze

Katie Harris 5th

19a – Back to Basics Team

Herne Bay Chicks 3rd (Kirsty Northwood / Katie Northwood / Katie Harris)

Herne Bay Kestrals 8th (Cathy Wale / Sisie Tyler / Alisha Wickenden


All skaters skated very well. It was a very long weekend. A big thank you to Mel and Emma for their hard work and dedication, by the competition results it looks like it’s paying off. Also a big thank you to Kym, Mike and Betty for making the new club dresses.