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The 2012 HBU Roller Hockey Awards

Posted by HBU Admin on July 11, 2012

The 2012 HBU Awards

In making the awards, Club President Ron Barker commented as follows:

Firstly, a moment to reflect upon our successes nationally:

Brendan Barker – NRHA Henry Crystall player of the year
George Daly – NRHA U11 Player of the year
Lewis Greenwood – Proj 2012 won ND1, Lewis the youngest Proj 2012 player
ECRHA – Winners U11, U15 Div 2 and 3rd U13
SECRHA – Results not yet in but it looks like we won most if not all the leagues
National Cup: Winners U11 and U13
National Championship: Winners U11
KCRHA – 1st and 2nd
Premier League – 3rd
ND1 – 2nd

We attended tournaments in Holland (Seniors and U13) and France (U11), U13 winning in Holland (Volkenswaard) and U11 2nd in France (St Omer).

2012 Awards:

Most Improved:
U9 Joseph Barley
U11 Luke Huckstepp
U13 Will Parkinson-Wellard – presented by Paul McVey
U15 Josh Branchett
O16 George Holmes
Best 1st Season Performance: Harrison Raven
*New*Youth Academy Player of the Year: Jamie McVey – supported by McDonalds and presented by manager of McDonalds
Senior Top Scorer:
Brendan Barker

Senior Player of the year: Danny Butcher:

Danny is in his second season with United and his commitment to the team has been second to none for games and training. He has his fiery side but he has not whinged about any decisions or moments of frustration, he has asked advice and has taken it on board. His ability to knuckle down and work at things is a breath of fresh air and sets a great example. Well done.

Coach Paul McVey commented on the U13 Award,

Team Achievements: 3rd place in a very competitive EC Div 1, 1st place SECRHA, National Cup winners 2012, Tournament winners in Holland.

I try to keep the squad that travels to tournaments to a minimum to keep travel costs and player expenses as low as possible, while maximising rink time for those that travelled. The participation of the whole U13 group contributes and enables the successes we have had this season. I would like to call out the players in this category, goalkeepers Rhys Young, Jamie Leonard and Ishen Kiff, (out-players) Jamie McVey, Oliver Hudson, Josh Butcher, Will Parkinson-Wellard, Amelia Parkinson-Wellard, Owain Stedman, Charlie Bassom, Jack Lynch, George Daly, Noah Latham and Luke Huckstepp.

In addition to the players (and apologies if I have missed anyone from this list) it takes a support team to organise training, matches, referees and timekeepers. Thank you to Terry, Ron, Aileen, Kelly, Alex and Eddie for all the support you have provided this season.

This season the award for most improved player could have gone to many of the players listed above. I have limited selection to those that played regularly for U13 Team and each player knows how valuable they are to the team. We have a team of players who all add value when they are on the rink and I can only select one player.

This player’s improvement this season has been fantastic to see. He has applied himself, worked hard to develop his game and contributes to the good team spirit. Most Improved player award: Will Parkinson-Wellard.

Thank you to parents and carers for your support over the season. It has been a pleasure taking the players to the tournaments. They have been a credit to you and to the Club.

I hope you enjoy your summer break and see you again in September.

In presenting the Youth Academy player of the year 2012 award, Ron Barker commented:

Just about every member of the Under 13 squad could be up for this award. Josh, Will and Oli have all made very visible progress. George Daly has become a fully-fledged U13 team member while still being captain of the all-conquering U11 team. Rhys Young is back to training and on form. Ishen Kiff toughed it out goalkeeping in Eastern Counties U15 while still being U13.
It’s a very excellent group of players and a difficult choice.

The award goes to Jamie McVey: for an overall outstanding season representing United in several categories and really growing as a player, in attitude towards his team and work rate. Well done, a great example of HBU role model
I would like to thank our Youth Academy coaches, Paul McVey and Brendan for their work and the improvement showing in our players.

Me being me, you now expect me to say “there’s lots more to be done”, which brings me to next season:

Training sessions will be re-allocated and will then be kept under review as progress is made. In particular, we need the beginners session to be as far as possible U8. The next training up will be U13. The experienced players below age 11 will be allocated to U13. We will introduce an “improvers” session for players who need to attain the standard to join the U13 session and reinforce our U11 team.

We have been accepted into Eastern Counties at U11, U13, U15 and U17 and we will have our work cut out to honour our commitments. We are expecting several players to join the club and may 2nd claim either way to ensure we have a deep enough squad and to support competition in SECRHA. We have a couple of experienced parents who will help with team management.

Roller Hockey is a team game. This is on the rink and behind the scenes.

Reliability is of the utmost importance. Reliability, sacrifice and hard work is behind our success. I would like to thank our players and parents for their reliable support this season. Things do not always go to plan and your back-up and your flexibility have also been called upon. I have to say that I think next season will be even more demanding with more competition, more getting players to matches and early starts to run tournaments in far away places.

We’ve talked of outstanding players and now I’d like to mention outstanding people who help make it work and make a couple of presentations:

A special thank-you goes to Mark Greenwood who has undertaken the refereeing duties of the Club on a number of occasions. This takes the pressure off me when I am at tournaments primarily to manage a team. Congratulations to Mark also on his NRHA Award “Referee of the Year”.

Kym and Mike – support us in running hockey as well as running the Club and the Friday Social Skate. Mike has provided goals, goal nets and the team foul board and he and Kym often have the job of keeping the clock ticking as he has tonight. Thank you.

Kelly and Family Daly – Kelly is our Youth Academy communications hub and Chris supports her in this and gets to all the matches with George and quite often Bella. Bella is now a roller dancer. Kelly is one of our time-keepers and next year intends to become a referee.