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A Return To The Top For Herne Bay United’s Artistic Section

Posted by HBU Admin on October 29, 2012

Herne Bay United Roller Hockey & Skating Club

“Falkland & Magpie” Invitation Competitions 2012

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October 2012

This weekend was really a return to the top for Herne Bay United’s Artistic Section.

We have been at our new home (The Bay Sports Arena) for just over a year now, but hadn’t had the opportunity to show it off to the Artistic Roller Skating world until now.

The last time we had clubs from all over the country to the Clubs National Roller Dance Competitions fondly known as the “Falkland & Magpie and New Pavilion Plate” competitions was in 2007.

Everyone was so fond of the old Pier Pavilion and had so many good memories we weren’t sure how they would react to the new venue. We are pleased to report that they loved it.

Like the Pier Pavilion, The Bay Sports Arena has a dedicated roller skating rink. When we compete at other venues in the country, we are in a multi-purpose sports hall that doesn’t have racked seating and spectators end up walking on the floor whilst competitors are skating if they wish to leave or enter the hall.

Skaters, coaches, spectators and the Judges all commented on how lovely it was that the competitors were able to have a dedicated space to compete.

We had over 165 skaters competing this weekend, ranging from 5 years old to 71 years old. The events included Solo Dance, Duo Dance, Solo Dance Teams (3 Skaters), Formation Teams (3 skaters all compete at the same time), Super Teams (a combination of Solo, Duo and Formation) and Couples.

The club decided to give newcomers into the sport an opportunity to compete at the event by introducing a “Newcomers” Routine. This contained elements vital for their balance and control and HBU were praised by the Judges for its inclusion in the event.

HBU had 4 skaters in the Under 9 “Newcomers” Routine. Their results were as follows – Bella Daly 1st, Casey-Lynne Fuller 8th, Sassi Dobson 9th and Sasha May 11th out of 12 competitors.

Katie McCarthy competed in the 9 to 11 yrs “Newcomer” Routine and was placed 9th out of 13 competitors.

We had two Competitors in the over 12 years “Newcomers” Routine. Flossy Holland-Norris was placed 4th and Ali Skinner was placed 7th out of 9 competitors.

We entered 22 skaters in the solo events, 9 Duos, 6 teams of 3 in the Solo Dance Teams, 4 teams of 3 in the Formation Teams and 3 teams of 3 in the Super Teams.

We achieved 9 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals and 11 Bronze Medals. 10 of our skaters were also placed 4th. Our overall results were fantastic as 90% of our entries were placed in the top 10 in their events.

To carry on the tradition of having a competition named after our “home” we awarded the highest standard formation team “The Arena Plate”. This was won by our HBU Eagles team Mia Appleby, Karli Fuller and Laura Minter. We were so proud to have won the plate first.

Mia Appleby won her event with all 3 judges placing her 1st. A really great confidence boost just before she travels to Portugal this Wednesday to represent Great Britain in the Cup of Europe Solo Dance Competitions. HBU are so proud of her being selected and wish her the very best of luck.

HBU would like to thanks all of its supporters and volunteers for their help in staging such a prestigious event, but most of all to its skaters, their parents and coaches Emma Appleby and Melanie Harwin for their dedication and hard work.

Our results:


Newcomers Under 9 years – Bella Daly 1st, Casey-Lynne Fuller 8th, Sassi Dobson 9th, Sasha May 11th

Newcomers 12 years & over – Flossy Holland Norris 4th, Ali Skinner 7th

Solo Dance Non Medalists – Alisha Wickenden 3rd, Emmie Hillier 10th

Solo Dance Elementary – Katie Harris 3rd, Jessica Caira 3rd

Solo Dance Preliminary – Sammie Caira 2nd

Solo Dance Inter-Bronze & Bronze – Krystyna Wale 3rd, Shae Moys 9th

Solo Dance Teams Inter Gold & Above – HBU Eagles 2nd (Mia Appleby, Karli Fuller, Laura Minter)

Duo Dance Newcomers – Bella Daly & Sassi Dobson 8th, Casey-Lynne Fuller & Sasha May 9th

Duo Dance Elementary & Preliminary – Katie Harris & Katie Northwood 1st

Duo Dance Inter Bronze & Bronze – Jessica Caira & Krystyna Wale 4th

Formation Team Up to Bronze – HBU Kestrels 3rd (Jessica Caira, Bethany King, Krystyna Wale)

Formation Team Inter Gold & Above – HBU Eagles 1st (Mia Appleby, Karli Fuller, Laura Minter)



Newcomers 9 to 11 years – Katie McCarthy 9th

Solo Dance Non Medalists – Katie Northwood 2nd, Bella Daly 3rd, Sisie Tyler 4th

Solo Dance Inter-Silver & Silver – Mia Appleby 1st

Solo Dance Over 30 years up to Preliminary – Kirsty Northwood 6th, Adam King 9th, Cathy Wale 10th

Solo Dance Teams Up to Prelim – HBU Buzzards 3rd (Jessica Caira, Sisie Tyler, Alisha Wickenden), HBU Kites 4th (Bella Daly, Katie Harris, Katie Northwood), HBU Ducklings 13th (Sassi Dobson, Emmie Hillier, Flossy Holland-Norris), HBU Owls 14th (Adam King, Kirsty Northwood, Cathy Wale)

Solo Dance Teams Up to Bronze – HBU Falcons 5th (Sammie Caira, Bethany King, Krystyna Wale)

Duo Dance Non Medalists – Emmie Hillier & Flossy Holland-Norris 7th, Sisie Tyler & Alisha Wickenden 9th, Adam King & Kirsty Northwood 10th

Duo Dance Inter Gold & Above – Karli Fuller & Laura Minter 1st

Formation Team Up to Preliminary – HBU Ospreys 9th (Katie Northwood, Sisie Tyler, Alisha Wickenden), HBU Chicks 12th (Bella Daly, Emmie Hillier, Flossy Holland-Norris)

Super Team Up to Bronze – HBU Hawks 4th (Sammie Caira, Bethany King, Krystyna Wale), HBU Herons 6th (Jessica Caira, Katie Harris, Katie Northwood), HBU Harriers 9th (Emmie Hillier, Sisie Tyler, Alisha Wickenden)