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Roller Hockey: HBU Club awards BBQ to mark end of season 2012/2013

Posted by HBU Admin on July 30, 2013

The 2013 HBU Awards

















Firstly, a moment to reflect upon our successes nationally:

National Awards
National Plroject 2013 won ND1 – HBU Participating Players – Lewis Greenwood, Alex Mount, Josh Branchett, George Kohler and Luke Latham
Alex Mount – National U15 Player of the Year
Jocie Greenwood – National Ladies Development Player of the Year

Competition Results
Premier League – 2nd
ND1 – Winners (“Project” top on points)
EVRIcup Over 35’s 3rd
National Cup: Winners U15 and U17, Runners-Up U20
ECRHA – Winners U15 and 2nd U13
SECRHA – Results to be inserted
KCRHA – 1st 2nd and 3rd

Last Year’s Text for updating: We attended tournaments in Holland (Seniors and U13) and France (U11), U13 winning in Holland (Volkenswaard) and U11 2nd in France (St Omer).

Club Awards:

Season Commemorative Medals for the Players of Season 2012- 2013

Most Improved:
2012 2013
U7 Will Hosking
U9 Joseph Barley U9 Fionnbarr Parkinson-Terry
U11 Luke Huckstepp U11 Millie Clarke
U13 Olii Hudson
U15 Josh Branchett U15 Jocie Greenwood
U17 Josh Branchett
O16 George Holmes O16 Ed Mount

Best 1st Season Performance: Jack Bloyce

Youth Academy Player of the Year: Alex Mount and Lewis Greenwood
supported by McDonalds

Senior Player of the year: Neil Austin






































Team Achievements:

I think that all of our teams have made great progress this year. The above decisions were very difficult with a very fine line between the winners and others in their group, particularly U15 where every player is a success story. I could mention them all but Amelia stands out for getting in goal, looking like she intends to be a goalkeeper and sometimes being the only goalkeeper to stay on the training session as those hitting the ball at her get bigger and bigger.

In competition, the U15s won everything they went for and with the addition of Ashley Barton on the pitch and Ed Mount in goal pulled off a very sweet success in winning the U17 Cup Final against Bury. It was a pity Lewis was in hospital and could not play the U20 Final as that ruined the balance of the team game that had incredibly beat Bury in the Semi-Final.

The season ahead promises even more progress for the players and our teams, especially in the Premier League where the younger players will be increasingly relied upon. We need consistency of performance and reliability of attendance will be required if we are to avoid missing out on winning leagues by dropping points to teams lower in the table – we missed out on the Premier League and EC U13 by one point this year because of this.

I would like to thank our coaches for their work and the improvement showing in our players. I would like to thank timekeepers, organisers, hardware builder, kit washers and those who plugged the gaps when they appeared.

To mention some and with apologies to any I don’t mention:

EVRIcup Event Team
Mark Greenwood gained International accreditation and Mark has been a great asset in support of or U15 and U17 teams and in HBU’s ability to fulfil refereeing duties.
Youth Coaches – Paul McVey, Brendan, Simon. The U13/U15 group trainings are now very thorough with a greater understanding of team play. The U9 group is now well established and really got it together as the season closed and as we saw with their participation in the mix’n’match. Matt Holness quietly helps out with this which has been a great addition. Ed Mount helps out as well sometimes but not so quietly!
Managers – Phil, Paul Mount, Mark Greenwood. Clive Bassom. Neil has increasingly be seen at the manager’s gate and has driven his Kent League team to the top of the table.
Kym and Mike – support us in running hockey as well as running the Club and the Friday Social Skate. Mike has provided and mended goals, goal nets and the team foul board. They were the focal point of the EVRIcup organisation
Kelly and Family Daly –Youth Academy communications hub and , in the season ahead, international tournament search engine
Fabio Vicente – was a great addition to our coaching team as well as a player. Unfortunately his need to find work has taken him to London and I would love to find a way of having him back with us.

Looking to next season:


2012-2013 Training Sessions (Time pm)
Monday: Simon/Brendan 5:00 – 6:00 Entry Level (7 and under)
Simon/Brendan 6:15 – 6:30 Improvers from group
Chris/Clive/Ron 6:30 – 8:00 U11
Paul 8:00 – 10:00 U15 (plus)

Wednesday: TBA 8:30 – 10:30 Premier League Squad

Thursday: Phil  9:00 – 10:30 Over 27

Friday: Chris/Paul/Neil 5:15 – 7:00 U13 (plus)

The following explanations are additional to the general format:
The general “Group” descriptions are for ease of reference only; the actual group will be a list of names
The “Entry level” group is expected to be the same group as this year: the group has moved forward and there is little scope for new beginners in the coming season.
“(plus)” means designated players from the age-group below and above
even greater emphasis will be given to team preparation and players must be fully registered, available to play and attend reliably, especially goalkeeping duties.

Leagues and Competitions 2013 – 2014

National Premier League
National Cups and Championships at all age-groups
Eastern Counties U15 Div 1
SECRHA at all age-groups
Kent League 2 Senior Teams
International Tournaments at all age-groups with particular emphasis on YOB 2000 – 2001 (U15 in European terms)
Jubilee Cup (Eastern Counties U13)
David Walters Cup (Herne Bay Club U9 and U11)

We have not entered National Division 1 as the younger players and the Veterans have other commitments (for example our young players in the National Project playing in ND1) and others will be in Kent League teams (which we hope will be an increasingly competitive competition).
We have to get to the National Club Championships through SECRHA. SECRHA has some latitude as to how to deal with this. Team lists must be with the NRHA by the end of December. 2nd claim registrations from other clubs in the same region are allowed for teams in the NRHA Club Championships (up to U17).
The 2 Kent League teams will each have a particular nucleus – U17 and Veterans. The nucleus will be increased t a longer list with other players particularly those who will not get competitive matches in other leagues.
Premier League match (Saturday) nights will be one match only (at 7pm) and the intention is to have a junior match before (at 6pm).

One big request – We need more referees and SECRHA now has the means to get you your ticket so come on!

I hope you enjoy your summer break and see you again in September.