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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Premier League: 22nd March HBU vs England Under 20’s

Posted by HBU Admin on March 17, 2014


Roller Hockey: HBU double Senior National Cup Success with both teams progressing to the Semi-Finals

Posted by HBU Admin on March 10, 2014


National Cup Quarter Final:
Herne Bay United v Letchworth & Herne Bay United (Veterans) vs Halifax – 15th March 2014 

Match 1: HBU Vets vs Halifax:

HBU Veterans were the first of the HBU teams to play on Saturday 15th March against visitors Halifax. HBU Veteran’s have been entered into the National Cup due to HBU having a number of Veteran players who are preparing for the EVRicup in Voltrega Spain in June 2014. HBU hosted this international Tournament in 2013 finishing 3rd.

This would be HBU’s Veteran’s first competitive match in National Competition and they didn’t disappoint, after a slow start they found their feet and showed just why they had won 16 Premier League titles over 18 years.

HBU started with building play and dominating possession, however it was Halifax getting the firsts shots in at HBU’s Daniel Barton and showing they would be fighting for this match all the way. But HBU kept on and with some strong possessional play creating lots of gaps to penetrate Halifax’s defense.  Brendan Barker scored his first after 5 minutes, which was shortly followed up with a team goal and Simon Hosking getting on the score sheet. The Match now settled and HBU making regular player changes, never looked like conceding but were looking to find their finishing form. Just before the Half time break Barker finished a team play to give United a 3 – 0 lead at half time.

United really found their feet in the second half and capitalized the run of play and set about killing the game off. Halifax at this point really were given little chance and the experience of the HBU veterans team showed and though Barker and Hosking got 7 between them in the second half these were largely down to the team play capitalizing on each others positions leaving the strikers to just finish the job, with Daniel Barton in United’s net setting about his target of I will not be beaten tonight and showing why he was one of the best in the world. United ran out the game comfortably 10 – 0 winners with youngest player on the team being 36 and oldest being 45.

The Veteran squad will now face either Bury or Middlesbrough in the semi-finals depending on their results.
Brendan Barker commented after the match: “it is great to win games like this and is our first competitive match this year in preparation for the EVRicup, we have had one training together and we now step it up in preparation but what is a great feeling is just playing without the pressure and just to enjoy ourselves..”

Team Lists: HBU Daniel Barton, Phil McVey©, Nick Barton, Nigel Mills, Richard Walker, Simon Hosking(3), Neil Austin, Brendan Barker(7)

Halifax: C Jones, R Lloyd, M Ratcliffe, S Brant, S Bannister, R Charles, T Wallis, R Jones, R Davis.


Match 2: HBU vs Letchworth:

With Herne Bay United entering two teams into this years’ competition it was decided to compose this team of players under the age of 25 in order to show what potential a team of the future had.

Due to their age it was always going to be a tough assignment against a physical and hard-working Letchworth team. United’s game plan was to keep the game tight from the start and use the fitness benefits of having a younger side to wear down the opposition and take advantage in the second half.

The match began as planned and Herne Bay United, although conceding the majority of possession, had no problem in keeping the Letchworth side restricted to long hopeful shots that were mostly blocked by good defending without the need for the goalkeeper to make a save. HBU could have even taken the lead when a good interception and quick pass to Lewis Greenwood sent him through one-on-one with the Letchworth keeper who saved well. However, just as HBU were beginning to have more possession a hopeful flick from James Taylor (scorer of 12 goals in 2 matches v HBU this season already) found its way through a crowded penalty area. This did not dishearten the young side who continued to defend well and began to create pressure on the Letchworth goal. This pressure got its reward when Joe Singleton finished well from inside the penalty area levelling the game up.

The half entered its final five minutes finely balanced and it took a moment of quality from James Taylor who showed great skill to volley past Eddie Mount from a tight angle to put the visitors back in front. This galvanised Herne Bay United and with time running out in the first half Alex Mount deflected in a long shot from Tom White to take the teams level into the break.

During half time the players were reminded of the necessity for concentration to be maintained and that as Letchworth were beginning to tire then the match was there for the taking. To their credit the players implemented the game plan superbly and were rewarded with a penalty when Fabio Vicente was crudely tripped when through on goal resulting in a penalty for which Vicente dusted himself down and scored with confidence.

As the half wore on both teams created more chances as tiredness began to creep in but both goalkeepers were equal to the task until Taylor completed his hat-trick with another individual goal. Again HBU fought back and minutes later scored what turned out to be the winner when Alex Mount got his second from close range

Once the lead was regained HBU never looked like conceding and with players being regularly rotated to ensure silly mistakes did not start to creep in were able to see out the remainder of the game in relative comfort to seal a magnificent 4-3 victory in a match that they were underdogs coming into.

The reward for this victory is a two-legged semi-final with unbeaten League Leaders Grimsby but if they play like this then any result is possible!!!

Commenting on the victory Captain Joe Singleton said: “I’m delighted with this performance. Every player stood up and played beyond their age, if we can continue to improve and work hard then the coming years bode very well for this team & HBU.”

HBU TEAM: Eddie Mount, Luigi Walker (gks), Joe Singleton,capt(1), David Martindale, Lewis Greenwood, Alex Mount (2), Ashley Barton, Josh Branchett, Tom White, Fabio Vicente (1).

Semi-Finals will be another doubleheader on May 17th at the Arena




Premier League: HBU Lose double header this weekend but Team show promise for the future!

Posted by HBU Admin on March 3, 2014


HBU v Middlesbrough – HB Arena 1 March 2014

Score 4 – 5

Matches against Middlesbrough are always close and are often decided by the odd goal. Since moving from the Pier Pavilion to the Bay Arena, HBU have never recaptured their old form and Middlesbrough have been the better team.

Middlesbrough went into the lead after 3 minutes when a pass was missed by the forward in front of goal only to run to another player allowing a simple far post sweep in. HBU equalised just before the interval through Fabio Vicente.

Ten minutes into the second half, HBU started to try too hard for the ball which allowed Middlesbrough’s Giralt to deliver 2 perfectly positioned shots into the top far corner of Mount’s goal.

5 minutes later life got even more difficult for HBU when a ball was adjudged over the line and given as an own goal against Ed Mount. HBU came back with the right reply after 7 seconds when a slap shot from Barker was delicately steered in by Alex Mount. 3 minutes later, Joe Singleton put away a perfectly executed roll shot which made it 3- 4 and looking promising.

The foul count was now coming into play and HBU had the first direct free-hit but Vicente’s shot hit the cross bar.Middlesbrough then had their direct free-hit and Stewart made it 5. HBU were now going full pelt and Barker’s fire power was rewarded by a goal with 2 minutes remaining on the game. Middlesbrough were now running for the corners and HBU’s efforts to win the ball caused more fouls which resulted in a further free-hit which Mount saved to set up a grandstand ending. But it was not to be and it all got very confusing with the last stoppage with 1.6 seconds remaining and the timekeepers not knowing when play had commenced or stopped. And so it ended.

HBU Team: Ed Mount (GK), Dan Barton (GK), Joe Singleton (Capt), Tom White, Lewis Greenwood, Alex Mount, Simon Hosking, Neil Austin, Brendan Barker, Fabio Vicente


HBU v Kings Lynn – HB Arena 2 March 2014

Score 2 – 3

With half the fire power missing for this match, HBU had to play a cagey game against an energetic and confident young side that always finds a way of finding the net.

The start was exactly not what HBU wanted with Kings Lynn taking the hit, making one pass and a hopeful shot at the HBU goal which goalkeeper Ed Mount padded out comfortably only for the defender’s foot to put it in the net. One down after 7 seconds!

Having played a hard game the previous evening HBU had to conserve energy and stay calm and defensive but the referees were giving them fouls like confetti while nothing was seen the other way. Towards the end of the half, Kings Lynn were awarded a direct free hit which they scored making HBU 2 to 0 down. Simon Hosking made his entrance into the match and scored a one-on-one with one minute left on the half and it was a reasonable 1 – 2 situation at half time with everything to play for.

The match continued in the same vein in the second half with no real chances either way except Kings Lynn taking a direct free-hit when the HBU foul count reached 10 which goalkeeper Mount saved well. After 10 minutes HBU’s frustration showed when a pointless shot put the whole team out of position and allowed Kings Lynn a two man undefended attack on the HBU goal which they scored. 1 – 3 down.

It did not look like HBU were going to get anything from the match and Kings Lynn got a direct free-hit from the team foul count and then another when Joe Singleton got a blue card. Mount in goal was now on top form and saved everything. HBU got back into the match while playing with just 3 men against 4.with a beautifully flighted shot from Hosking.

With 2 minutes to go and the score at 2 – 3, it was game on!  The referees were beginning to wake up to the fact that fouls were happening at both ends of the rink but they failed to spot another goal from Hosking when the ball bounced back off a bolt at the back of the goal cage – the reverse situation of the previous evening when a goal was given that it was difficult to see as over the HBU line.

HBU Team: Ed Mount (GK), Luigi Walker (GK), Joe Singleton (Capt), Tom White, Lewis Greenwood, Ashley Barton, Simon Hosking, Neil Austin, David Martindale, Fabio Vicente

HBU President Ron Barker comments “our team is trying to improve its tactics and integrate our schoolboy players.  Over these 2 matches our opponents had few scoring chances but we failed to put away our own chances. Both matches could have been draws on the performances on the day. Just a couple of minutes over-playing on Saturday and on Sunday cost us goals. We did not get the decisions but there was a lot of spectacular play and goalkeeping which was a joy for the supporters to see.  I have the impression that those that saw think we deserved more out of these matches than we have got!”