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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Roller Hockey European Cup: HBU 2 vs 3 IGR Remscheid

Posted by HBU Admin on October 30, 2014


Herne Bay United were to face IGR Remscheid in the 2nd leg of the European Cup match on the 1st of November, and looking to put on a good performance for the home crowd, and the 50 plus strong travelling Remscheid supporters.

HBU had made 3 changes from the away leg, one being Karl Smith stepping aside to be able to fully put his attention to manage the fixture for United.

United started well and confident with the same squad that  started the last 2 matches in the Premier League and were having the majority of the chances, with IGR Remscheid being cautious not wanting to lose the goal advantage they had from the first leg.

United were looking for an early Direct but it did not come after Neil Austin was brought down. The game was a very physical match and IGR after tripping Brendan Barker were awarded a direct, but Barker was stopped by Moritz Kreidwolf a physical giant in the Net.

IGR got the next advantage with a power play after United’s captain Joe Singleton was blue carded for a high tackle. Eddie Mount stood firm in goal IGR failing from the spot.  United’s Barker got a one on one against the IGR power play but Kreidwolf’s save put IGR on the Counter with 3 against two and beat United’s Mount on his near post.

United kept the team rotation going to keep fresh and with the hope of keeping the pressure up and to get back in the match.  United were finding that the German side were very quick in getting back and defending leaving little opportunity for the United counter attack. IGR were finding it a lot harder to break United down and use their blocks to create space for the shots but 3 minutes from the end of the 1st half Luis Hages found a way through with one of those shots to the top left hand corner, and 2 nil lead into the half time break.

The second half was a lot better from United and though through an early defensive error in confusion IGR took a three nil lead through Robin Salback, United were to take the game to IGR. Kris White in United’s goal really stepped up his performance and IGR were finding it impossible to get through. The game would remain goalless for the next 10 minutes, until United’s Barker finally got United on the score sheet with 13 minutes remaining. United now pushing IGR all over the rink feeling that win was within reach.

Following an incident between United’s Joe Singleton and IGR’s Jan Henckels both players were sent off. United kept up the pressure and after Barker was brought down in the area 2 minutes from time and Fabio Vicente made no mistake putting the ball past Kreidwolf in the top right and corner. United now one goal behind made for an exciting finish for the supporters but though the chances came they were just a little too late and IGR won 2 – 3 and go through to play Spanish top division side Reus.

United certainly played the best they have this season and are progressing well, this is the youngest overall HBU side we have seen with only two players over 30 and they are beginning to gel and are showing great promise.

One of those Veterans Brendan Barker said after the match: “we really tried this evening and if we were better in our finishing we would have won for sure, but it was a great game for our town to see,  and we are enjoying seeing and playing with the HBU players of the future.”

United move on from this fixture to play Halifax away next week in the Premier League.

Team Lists:

HBU: Eddie Mount, Kristoff White (gks), Joe Singleton©, Lewis Greenwood, Josh Branchett, David Martindale, Neil Austin, Tom White, Fabio Vicente(1), Brendan Barker(1),

IGR Remscheid: Moritz Kreidwolf, Matthias Mattusch (gks), Yanick Lukessen, Robin Salback(1), Daniel Leandro, Maximilian Richter, Jan Henckels, Luis Hages(1), Yannick Feinke©, (1)




Roller Hockey: Premier league, HBU delighted with 6 points!

Posted by HBU Admin on October 27, 2014


Herne Bay United; Roller Hockey Premier League

Saturday25th Oct: Bury Vs HBU 6- 7

Sunday26th Oct: HBU Vs Santacrusense 9 – 1

Herne Bay United’s 1st team had a double-header weekend with the 1st of the two matches away to Bury, which is always a difficult fixture with many teams struggling with the rink.

Both teams started solidly with few chances coming and both teams looking evenly matched. United were first to break the deadlock after 13 minutes with Brendan Barker getting his first of the night.  The game remained close United were looking stronger and aiming to catch Bury on the counter attack, but after a defensive error, Sam Norton caught United off guard to bring the match level.

Fabio Vicente was quick to restore the lead for United with a backhand shot into the top corner. United’s first substitutions came and unfortunately in the last minute and a half of the first period with a fortunate roll of luck for Bury against the run of play they scored two quick goals, one being an own goal from Karl Smith and the other a rebound off the wall catching United Eddie Mount off guard but gave Bury a 4 – 2 lead in to the break.

Immediately into the second half Bury’s tough physical hockey gave United their first Direct hit from the accumulation of team fouls. Barker converted from the spot to make it 4 – 3. United pushed on and Neil Austin within a minute brought the match level.  The match remained tight with a goal going each way from both teams but it was Austin with a nice finish to the far top corner with 2 minutes left that gave United the 6 – 7 victory, which was very much needed.

HBU’s second match of the weekend was very much an unknown as they were to face a newly formed club Santacruzense from London. This team have been made up from a number of players who have played for several clubs previously and are a well-schooled group.

United made no mistake about going about their task and welcoming the team to the Premier League. United were 3 – 0 up within the first 6 minutes, and set the tone for the task not allowing Santacruzense the time to settle into the match. United had considerably more possession than the visitors and opportunities were being frequently presented and the first half ran out for United with a comfortable  6 – 0 lead and after using all the players available on the bench.

The second half was a much more closely fought one as United had taken the foot off the gas but they never looked in doubt and with Santacruzense getting on the score sheet just once from a direct hit from the accumulation of the team fouls and having failed to score in open play. United finished the match 9 – 1 victors and finished the weekend positively with 6 points.

United looked a lot more comfortable and the win on Saturday gave them the much needed confidence to bolster the team.  United now face IGR Remscheid in the European Cup at home on Saturday 1st November. They are currently 11 – 4 down, but now with a full squad at their disposal there is hope of being able to turn the match around.

HBU Team lists (both games) this weekend: Eddie Mount, Kristoff White (gks).

Joe Singleton(1)©, Karl Smith, Lewis Greenwood(2), Josh Branchett(1), Neil Austin(5), Tom White, Fabio Vicente(1), Ashley Barton, Brendan Barker(6).

Social Skating: Halloween Party 2014!

Posted by HBU Admin on October 6, 2014


Social skate 7-9pm – 31/10/14 Halloween Party
Don’t forget to bring your friends – all welcome £2 per person.