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Premier League: Slow getting into gear, leaves a mountain to big to climb

Posted by HBU Admin on January 16, 2015

HBU vs Middlesbrough

It is Premier Leagues first matches since the Christmas Break and a hard fixture to start 2015. Just before Christmas HBU won at Middlesbrough 7- 5 and a very important victory for HBU and one Middlesbrough very much wanted to avenge.

The match very much started how the visitors wanted with two very early goals within the first 3 minutes and Middlesbrough a 2 – 0 lead and seriously damaging the outlook for United. United started cold and Middlesbrough very much came at United and with in the next 7mins Middlesbrough added to the pressure with their 3rd, Owen Steward with two and Nic Johnson with the other. At this point HBU started to get in to gear but were very likely to suffer after such a slow start.

The game was now a much more even affair and two contrasting styles with HBU very much looking to get Middlesbrough on the counter and Middlesbrough were quite happy to play the ball around waiting for opportunities whilst running down the clock.

HBU were not finishing on their moves and it wasn’t for the want of trying but Eddie Revell in goal for Middlesbrough was determined not to be beaten and made a number of outstanding saves that looked sure to bring United back into contention. But it wasn’t until 6 minutes to the end of the first half that United’s Captain Fabio Vicente got United on the score sheet to bring the first half to a close on 3 – 1 to Middlesbrough.

The second half was as at the end of the first and a lot closer and very much blow for blow, the team fouls were now beginning to tot up after a very tame first half, but United just couldn’t make up the difference with Middlesbrough just keeping daylight between the two teams. The second half finished 6 – 4 to Middlesbrough and HBU had really paid the price for what was a very evenly played game with a number of defensive errors that should be corrected for the coming fixtures.

Next PL date is Sat 31st Jan v Manchester at The Bay Arena.

Team List: Eddie Mount, (gk) Josh Branchett, Simon Hosking, Tom White(1), Lewis Greenwood, Fabio Vicente(2)©, Neil Austin, David Martindale, Brendan Barker(1), Kristoff White (gk)