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Premier League: HBU comfortable Victory at the Den!

Posted by HBU Admin on March 12, 2015

Premier League: Club Santacruzense vs HBU

At the weekend HBU were away to Santacruzense for the first time in club history playing also for the first time at Millwall’s The Den sports centre that is situated alongside the Stadium.

Santacruzense are in their first season as a club and a team with potential but not having the best first season, however United would be looking to keep the pressure on at the top of the table with the possibilities of close rivals slipping up in the latter part of the season.

United started strongly taking a 3 goal lead within 5 minutes, The pressure off slightly United stepped off the gas and were playing a concentrated defense waiting for Santacruzense to make the mistakes with an individual style team and to prevent the accumulation of team fouls. The system was working for United on the small rink and Santacruzense were failing to find any real way through. United added two more before the break and a 5- 0 lead at half time.

United in the second half were equally disciplined and the goals were more evenly spaced out through out the half, United’s Eddie Mount in goal and hope of a clean sheet was broken when Santacruzense finally got 2 goals in quick concession bringing the score to 8 – 2. Santacruzense frustrations were showing and repeated verbal airings of these to the officials whose patience was wearing thin soon issued two blue cards to the home team.

United’s Neil Austin had to leave the rink needing medical attention from the Physio after being caught by a deflected ball causing a nasty cut requiring 7 stitches to his right eye.

Shortly after the match resumed United continued and three more goals were added to the score sheet with United taking an 11 – 2 win at full time.

United remain at the top of the table but have played more games than other teams and are hoping for some fortunate results. Such as second place Middlesbrough’s drawing with Letchworth 6 – 6.

HBU’s next match is in the National Cup at the Bay Sports Arena on the 14th March 2015 v Santacruzense.

Team list:

Eddie Mount, Karl Smith(2), Jordi Saldana(2), Josh Branchett, Neil Austin, David Martindale, Fabio Vicente©(2), Brendan Barker(5),