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Monthly Archives: April 2015

National Cup Semi – Final, 1st Leg: HBU Still in with a shout!

Posted by HBU Admin on April 21, 2015


National Cup Semi-Final – Middlesbrough 18 April 2015

 “All To Play For”

With many players unavailable due to personal commitments and a shortage of drivers, HBU had only a bare team of 4 out-players and a GK for this match in Middlesbrough. The semi-final is, however, a home and away tie and the focus had to be to set things up for a win at home with an achievable scoreline for overall victory.

In possession HBU played well from the start of the match and withstood Middlesbrough’s attacks for the first quarter but a couple of mistakes were all that Middlesbrough needed to steal a couple of goals before Jordi Soldana beat home a rebound to make it 2 – 1. Jordi picked up a couple of heavy knocks and needed some ice after which a period where HBU were unsettled Middlesbrough scored a soft 3rd goal to put HBU 3 – 1 down at half time.

From the start of the 2nd half, HBU’s defence was looking very good and Middlesbrough seemed to have no idea as to what to do about it. Despite Middlesbrough having their full squad and using their reserves, it was the HBU players that were looking fresher. The best chances of the half fell to HBU and there were a couple of times that it appeared that ball had been put in the net but goals were not given and the full time score was 3 – 1 to Middlesbrough. It promises to be a cracking match at the Arena in Herne Bay on 16 May.

Team List: Eddie Mount (GK), Neil Austin, Fabio Vicente, Jordi Saldana (1), Josh Branchett.

Manager for the day Ron Barker, commented “Over this season I have been very unhappy with the way our team defend but in this match they showed they can do it properly. In the second half, standing on the side I was thinking “I don’t see how the other team are going to score!” A big thank you and well done to the players for putting it on the line to play this match and leave us in with a chance to turn it around. We can add a bit of power for the next match but the downside of a win is that the final will be in Middlesbrough as it has been moved from Herne Bay because of the expense of holding all-day events at the Arena.”.

Premier League: HBU win at Kings Lynn and Stay in 2nd place

Posted by HBU Admin on April 21, 2015


Kings Lynn vs HBU

HBU are currently holding 2nd place in the league over Kings Lynn and only on goal difference with both teams on even points, HBU very much wanting to secure that spot and keep pressure on the current league Leaders Middlesbrough.

HBU started spritely and were quick to get an edge on Kings Lynn and get enough daylight to make it a hard task for them to get back in. United were defending patiently waiting to get Kings Lynn on the break and this very much went to plan. United’s Barker finding the net 4 times in the first 15 minutes, and a well taken Penalty from Fabio Vicente gave United a substantial 5 – 0 lead and only just before the half ended did Kings Lynn get one back making it 5 – 1 to United at half-time.

The second half should have been straight forward for United but it was the complete opposite of the first and though not immediate United were not finding the net and filling Kings Lynn with confidence and enabling them to chip away back at United and that was exactly what pursued for the half and with 15 minutes left back in contention at 5 -3. United tried to put some pressure back on but a very well taken volley finished by Michael Carter made it 5 – 4 and very much now in the fight for the win. But United’s Neil Austin had different thoughts and shortly made it 6 – 4. Not long before the final whistle kings Lynn got back to 6 – 5 which let to a intense final minute but United held on and secured the win, one that on the performance of the first half really should have been without question and comfortable but Kings Lynn saw the opportunity and never let up and pushed it to the final whistle.

United will now play Middlesbrough in the 1st leg of the National Cup Semi Final on the 18th April 2015.

Team List: Eddie Mount, David Martindale, Neil Austin(1), Fabio Vicente©(1), Jordi Saldana, Josh Branchett, Brendan Barker(4), Rhys Young

HBU Wine & Wisdom 19th April 2015

Posted by HBU Admin on April 16, 2015


Wine n Wisdom