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Invite to Italian Roller Hockey Summer Camp June 2016

Posted by HBU Admin on April 11, 2016

HBU have received and invite to pass on to our Youth Academy for a Roller Hockey Summer Camp taking place on different dates dependent on age group.

It is run from Hockey Club La Mela – Modena there is some great coaches educating young players during these Camps and all still taking part in the Top A1 league in Italy; For the goal keepers you have one of the best in Italian history Massimo Cunegatti currently playing with Valdagno, then helping outfield there is Alberto Orlandi one of the best players in Italian history and still playing with the current champions of Italy Forte Dei Marmi and Juan Oviedo playing at Hockey Monza.

The Dates and ages are as follows:

  • 12th – 18th June for Mini Hockey Under 7’s, Under 9’s and Under 11’s.
  • 19th – 25th June for Under 11 and Under 13’s.
  •   26th June – 2nd July for Under 13’s, Under 15’s and Under 17’s.
  • 3rd – 9th July for Under 13’s Under 15’s and Under 17’s

The camp is in Lido di Spina (FE), a location on the Adriatic Sea (http://www.campingspina.it/it/).

 For more information pease contact: Daniele Uva

 Email: danieleuva@libero.it

pag. FB: https://www.facebook.com/camp.lidodispina

Web: http://hockeycampspina.webnode.it/