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Code of Conduct Bay Sports Arena

The Bay Sports Arena

Codes of Conduct for Roller Clubs

You must:

  • NOT arrive or leave the Arena wearing skates. Skates must NOT be used outside of the Arena.
  • Change in the changing rooms if over the age of 11years.
  • Skate / play roller hockey on the Arena hall floor ONLY and under the supervision of a coach. Users should NOT utilise other areas such as that by the bleacher seating for skate practise. Balls must NOT be played off the rink.
  • Remain on the community side of the Arena – ‘No Access’ signs mean NO ACCESS and in the event of club users accessing any out of bounds areas, the club may be penalised for inadequate supervision.
  • Parents must remain seated on the bleacher seating provided if choosing to attend the session. Children who need help with their kits can be assisted by parents in this area ONLY.
  • NOT access the far side of the Arena. This area is for players, coaches and officials ONLY.
  • Skates must be checked by coaches to ensure that they are clean with appropriate NON MARKING toe stops.
  • Coaches must ensure that users DO NOT access the underneath part of the bleacher seating.
  • Food and drink must not be taken onto the rink and rubbish placed in the bins provided. Chewing gum is NOT permitted.
  • Drinks breaks will be announced enabling children to collect their drinks from inside the Arena ONLY.
  • NOT use mobile phones on the rink area.

Anyone NOT complying with these rules may be issued with a period of suspension or even banned depending on the severity of their action.